Executive Team Bios

Ingrid Brown, President & CEO

Ingrid BrownA New York City native, Ingrid has spent over 30 years in the direct response industry with specialties in a variety of niche markets, but especially in the expectant and new mother marketplace. She’s had the pleasure of working with industry leaders in creating new and custom customer acquisition strategies and programs. An entrepreneur in spirit and actuality, she spent her early years in management roles at Bloomingdales and Simon and Schuster after earning degrees in English & Anthropology from Scripps College in Claremont, CA.

Personal Philosophies:

» Do the right thing.
» Conquer your fears.
» Live life in the fast lane.

Business Philosophies:

» Integrity is everything.
» The client’s needs are the top priority.
» Understand and deliver.

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Joe Fitzgerald, Executive Vice President

Joe FitzgeraldJoe has over 20 years of experience in targeted insert media, digital media, direct mail, and product sampling. He also has a technical knowledgebase which, combined with his “obsession” over the details, has helped to create unique, highly efficient systems and customized solutions for TMS and its clients. To complement his “hands-on” experience, he earned his MBA from Georgia State University in 2004. Through the years Joe has aided clients, including many Fortune 100 and 500 companies, in maximizing campaign performance and exceeding established goals.

Personal Philosophies:

» Work hard and play hard… but on occasion, rest and recharge.
» Try new things and avoid too much routine. Never stop learning.
» Take charge. Create goals and pursue them with passion.

Business Philosophies:

» Success requires relentless hard work and smart work, not just one or the other.
» No solution fits all problems; what worked well yesterday may not be best for today, and the
   best answer often lies somewhere in the middle.
» Our job is to work harder to make the client’s job easier and more successful.

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Ann Nolan, VP Account Management

Ann NolanAnn has over 25 years of experience in various facets of direct response marketing, including direct mail, insert media and email. Her passion for organization and attention to detail have aided in developing effective solutions for TMS’s niche oriented clientele. Prior to working in the expectant and new mother marketplace, Ann began her career focused on general marketing and PR initiatives in both the healthcare and higher education arenas. She holds a BBA in Marketing from Georgia State University.

Personal Philosophies:

» Never say never.
» Think before you speak.
» Manners can take you where money can’t.

Business Philosophies:

» Be your client’s partner.
» Ethics above all else.
» Take the time to do it right – no shortcuts taken here.

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Corporate Philosophy: It’s all about your ROI!