Analytics & ROI Analysis

AnalyticsAt TMS, we place a heavy focus on your ROI, developing and providing customized reporting based on all pertinent variables.

While technology has increased the breadth and complexity of marketing options available to advertisers, it has also delivered better campaign tracking, redemption/acquisition analysis and ROI analysis capabilities. We ensure that you receive the quantitative data to substantiate the cost of your marketing efforts, and qualitative data to provide a critical platform for continued optimization and increased cost efficiency of your campaigns.

We understand that each of our clients and their marketing initiatives are unique. Through a highly-tailored approach, we help identify which metrics are the most critical to monitor and measure for each campaign, and how best to do so. Whether via coupon tracking/redemption analysis; quality of customer acquisition/lifetime customer value calculations; post-campaign consumer surveys; web analytics; or other customized tools; we prove to you with hard data that we stand behind our motto… It’s all about your ROI.

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